Clinical Services

The Albion Centre is Australia’s only major interdisciplinary centre with a primary focus on HIV management. For more than 25 years we have provided all-inclusive specialist care for people living with and affected by HIV.

Our service is free and confidential and clients do not generally require referral. However, a referral from your GP is preferred. Both Medicare and non-Medicare patients can attend and no charges are made for any clinical consultations. All services can be provided with a professional interpreter present.

The Albion Centre’s clinical staff provide up-to-date and comprehensive:

Tele-consults between you, your GP and any of our clinicians are also available.

Albion treats all clients and everyone who contacts the Centre equally and with care and respect. You may want to familiarise yourself with your rights and responsibilities. While we will endeavour to meet your requirements and see you on time, occasionally this may not be possible. We ask that you are patient and respectful to staff, clients and other visitors at all times. NSW Health also has a policy on zero tolerance.

CLICK HERE to download a new client information sheet.

Making an appointment

  • To make an appointment call reception on + 61 2 9332 9600.
  • If you have a GP then a referral letter would be appreciated.