Albion Clinic Psychologists provide psychological therapies, counselling, assessment, referral and assistance with welfare issues to people affected by HIV.

Free and confidential psychological services are provided without a referral for:

  • HIV positive people and their carers, partners or family
  • HIV negative people who are at increased risk of HIV infection
  • Healthcare workers working in HIV

Psychological and counselling services that people might be seen for include:

  • the impact of HIV diagnosis – recently diagnosed clients are given high priority
  • depression and anxiety problems
  • sexuality issues
  • drug and alcohol use
  • grief and bereavement
  • couples and relationship (including family and friends) issues where HIV may be having an impact
  • other problems e.g. insomnia, sexual dysfunction
  • welfare issues
  • crisis counselling and stress management
  • treatment difficulties and the impact of change of health status
  • psychological assessments (not for legal purposes)
  • neuropsychological assessment
  • occupational issues relating to HIV

Clinical Supervision

The Albion Centre Psychology Unit provides clinical supervision. The team has Clinical Psychologists who are board approved supervisors. Currently, we provide one placement per semester to students completing an approved postgraduate clinical psychologist degree. The placement must be organised through Clinconnect, as per NSW Health policy, however, potential students are encouraged to contact the unit manager to discuss placement possibilities.


Much of our distress is caused by our minds being captivated by wide-ranging, wandering, distressing thoughts about the past and the future. We spend surprisingly little time truly focussed on what is happening in the here and now. Good research shows that when people practice focussing on the present moment using mindfulness, their brain function, stress levels, relationships, and overall wellbeing markedly improve. Use this resource to learn more and get started with mindfulness.

The mindfulness resource is available in English, Thai and Arabic at

Holidays Survival Guide

Each year we provide a Christmas Survival Guide to assist our clients. The latest version can be found CLICK HERE.