The current Covid-19 outbreak means that we are running reduced services. If your only reason to be seen is for a sexual health/HIV screen we suggest you defer your testing until the Covid-19 outbreak is over to reduce your chance of catching the virus

If you have symptoms of an STI, are a contact of an STI, need a sex work certificate, or need HIV treatment/monitoring, PrEP or PEP please contact Albion on 9332 9600 who will advise if you can be seen. We will ensure that people can still access their HIV and PrEP medications.


The Albion Centre is a HIV service that also provides sexual health screening to people living with HIV, and persons at high risk of HIV infection. Including partners of persons living with HIV, men who have sex with men, sex workers, and injecting drug users. If you are not at high risk of HIV infection, we suggest you see your GP for testing.

  • All HIV/sexual health screens are confidential and involve testing for HIV, Syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea. Hepatitis is also tested for if required.
  • We offer vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B for persons at high risk and not immune.
  • We offer support and treatment for sexual partners of people who may have been diagnosed with an sexually transmitted infection (STI).
  • We can also assist you with contact tracing. (Notifying past or current sexual partners they may have been in contact with an STI).

Accessing our Sexual Health Services

Please phone (02) 9332 9600 and select option 2 to talk to the triage nurse. Be prepared to answer some questions about the nature of your risks, as this will help the nurse direct you to the most appropriate health care professional for you to see.

We are unable to facilitate walk in appointments, so we encourage you to phone to book an appointment. However, you can also visit us in person- If you do this you will be assessed by the triage nurse who will work out what the best service is for you.

For people with symptoms

Albion offers reviews and treatment for anyone experiencing signs of an STI. Symptoms such as; rashes, sores, lumps, discharge, bleeding and painful urination

If you have symptoms, phone (02) 9332 9600 and select option 2 to talk to the triage nurse. You will be assessed via telephone, and offered our next available appointment.

While you can just present at the Albion for triage assessment, calling before you come can help reduce the amount of time spent waiting to see a clinician.

The services offered by the triage nurse

  • Initial assessment, prioritisation and referrals of people with concerns related to HIV, sexual health or viral hepatitis
  • Arranging appointments for people newly diagnosed with HIV or persons wishing to transfer their HIV care to Albion.
  • Assessment and coordination of Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for people who are worried they have been exposed to HIV
  • Brief assessment and coordination of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Assistance to those accessing Needle Syringe Program (NSP)

Clients new to Albion

If you are attending Albion for the first time you will need to register personal details using a computer kiosk. The reception staff can help with this.
If you wish to remain anonymous, please discuss with staff on attendance.

You will then be asked to complete an assessment form with some detailed information about your sexual health history, and other relevant medical information such as vaccination status and past testing history. This form will be reviewed by the clinician seeing you.

All electronic medical information at Albion is confidential. No one except a clinical staff member at Albion can see your medical records or results.

Ongoing Albion clients

If you have seen us before you will be asked to complete a brief assessment form to review if any details have changed since your last screen.

The information on these forms is entered into an electronic medical record (eMR) system. The paper form is destroyed once the information is entered.

All electronic medical information at Albion is confidential. No one except a clinical staff member at Albion can see your medical records or results.

How to prepare for testing

  • Please don’t urinate for at least 30 minutes prior to attending.
  • If you have seen another doctor prior to visiting the Centre, please bring any paperwork with you.
  • Please note that Albion is a specialist facility, not a General Practice or Emergency Department. In an emergency you should call 000.