The Albion Centre (Albion) is an interdisciplinary heath care facility providing specialist care for people living with HIV and viral Hepatitis.

Our service is free and confidential. A referral from your GP is preferred.

Services can be provided with a professional interpreter present if required.

Clinicians provide up-to-date and comprehensive:

There is an onsite Pharmacy

Making an appointment

  • To make an appointment call reception on + 61 2 9332 9600.
  • Please provide a GP a referral where possible

If you are a GP and wish to refer a client to Albion, click here for referral information.

Your continued HIV care in the community: Video conferencing between Albion clinical staff and your GP can be arranged.


There is good evidence that being on effective HIV treatment reduces (but probably does not eliminate) the risk of transmitting HIV to sexual partners. However, there have not yet been enough studies to quantify exactly how much risk reduction occurs in all situations where transmission is possible.

Condoms are still the safest way to avoid passing on or getting HIV.

Australia has implemented a series of new policies and programs to revitalise our response to HIV, including: Increased testing rates, earlier initiation of HIV treatment and the use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for individuals at high risk.