The Albion Centre in Sydney, was established in 1985 to provide services to people with HIV, although initially the only service available was HIV antibody testing. The role of the Centre has evolved over the years as treatment and care opportunities available to people with HIV have improved. The Centre’s mission is to promote wellbeing of people with HIV and AIDS, hepatitis, sexually transmitted infections and other emerging infectious diseases.

The Centre’s core approach is two-fold:

  • To integrate prevention and care for patients, and,
  • To train healthcare workers in the field of epidemic infectious disease management.

The Albion Centre is a division of the Prince of Wales Hospital and is accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians as a postgraduate training site for Infectious Diseases.

  • Assessment for and enrolment in clinical trials.
  • Lifestyle assessment and planning.
  • Specialty training and practical experience to students and other health care workers.