Good nutrition and eating habits are important for maintaining your health. It is important for people living with HIV as healthy eating can help strengthen your immune system, help you tolerate medications, maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage heart disease, diabetes, maintain healthy bones and feel better overall.

The Albion Centre’s team of Accredited Practising Dietitians provide expert nutrition advice for people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C infection. Our Dietitians are committed to optimising your health and the enjoyment of food for life. We recognise that each person has very different needs depending on their lifestyle, food preferences, appetite, income and social support.  Our dietitians can help assist you with all your questions and concerns and provide practical advice to help you to reach your health and nutrition goals.

Services provided include:

  • Nutrition assessment and counselling
  • Body composition assessment
  • Weight management advice
  • Chronic disease prevention and management such as heart disease, diabetes, and maintain healthy bones
  • Symptom management advice such as poor appetite, nausea, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and dry mouth
  • Individualised meal and menu planning
  • Recipe suggestions and modifications
  • Practical cooking sessions
  • Supermarket tours
  • Group lifestyle programs
  • Nutrition and Oral Health
  • ACTIVATE program
  • Oral health screening tool for health professionals working with PLHIV CLICK HERE
  • Open Your Mouth: Guide to Maintaining a healthy mouth for people with HIV CLICK HERE

Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Diseases