Referral to Albion Health Practitioners

The Albion Centre does not require a referal for new clients, although to improve client care, referrals are preferred.

Our HIV Specialists

Prof Julian Gold

  • HIV and infectious disease

A/Prof Derek Chan

  • HIV and Sexual health

A/Prof Jeffrey Post

  • HIV, Hepatitis B/C treatment, Infectious Diseases

Prof Don Smith

  • HIV and Sexual Health

Dr Rohan Bopage

  • HIV, Hepatitis B/C treatment,Infectious Diseases

A/Prof Mark Boyd

  • HIV / Infectious Diseases

Dr Virginia Furner

  • HIV and women’s health (including pregnancy)

Dr Hubert Maruszak ( Registrar)

  • HIV and smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation Clinic

  • Dr Hubert Maruszak

For Nutrition Services

  • Nutrition Development Division

For Nursing Services and Sexual Health

  • Albion Triage Nurse 

For Psychology / Counselling Services

  • Albion Psychology Unit




The Albion Centre
150 Albion Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

The Albion Centre also provides telehealth to you and your GP. Albion Doctors provide their specialised HIV knowledge through video case conferencing to support your continued care with your GP. For more information contact reception: 02 9332 9600.