HIV Testing

Albion provides HIV testing by appointment, to book an appointment phone

02 9332 9600.

The service is free, although we request that you provide us with your Medicare card if you have one.

The service is confidential. The personal and clinical information that you provide to us, and the results of all your tests, are treated in the strictest confidence.



  1. Pre-test discussions are held, where you have the opportunity to talk about any issues relating to testing.
  2. You’ll have a blood test and /or a HIV rapid test.
  3. We will discuss the best method for you to receive your results – SMS, phone or in-person.


Point of care Testing

Albion is able to conduct point of care testing (or HIV Rapid Test) for men who have sex with men and other high risk groups, where results can be received during your visit. Currently, we also conduct a HIV blood test at the same time.

Some Basic Information about HIV POINT OF CARE TESTS

HIV rapid tests (POC) use either blood or saliva and can give a result in less than an hour. POC tests provide results quicker, but you still need to wait 12 weeks after exposure for the test to be 100% accurate.

POC tests are not currently approved for general use in Australia, although individuals at high risk may be able to access rapid testing at the Albion, some sexual health clinics and Some GPs.

When a POC test shows a non-reactive result, it is considered very accurate if the window period (12 weeks) has been properly observed. It may still be less accurate than sending blood to a pathology lab if the test is being carried out before the end of the HIV testing window period.

When a POC test shows a reactive result, further testing is required to confirm the result. This can leave a person in a difficult emotional space while waiting for the second result which will confirm or disprove the initial result.

For more information, you can read the Frequently Asked Questions about HIV or call the HIV Information Line.


Testing – What to expect

  • Albion offers a free, confidential service.
  • Your contact details are required on your first visit to Albion.
  • You will be seen by a psychologist, nurse and/or a doctor.
  • A typical appointment can involve answering sensitive questions about your sexual practices and health.
  • There will also be a physical exam and tests.
  • Your consent will be required before taking the tests.
  • The blood tests may include HIV, hepatitis A, B and C, and syphilis.
  • The sexually transmissible infection (STI) tests include gonorrhoea and chlamydia obtained by swab and urine specimen.
  • Information and treatment (if required) will be provided at the end of your appointment.
  • Your results will be given to you via a phone call, text message or follow-up visit.
  • Antibiotics are free of charge (there is a fee for some vaccinations). These can be obtained from our in-house pharmacy.
  • You may also access a limited amount of sexual health counselling from our psychology team.