If you see a needle in a public place call the hotline.

The Needle Clean-Up Hotline is a call centre that takes reports from the public and coordinates the clean-up of dumped needles and syringes in public places anywhere in NSW.

The hotline is staffed – Monday to Friday: 9am – 4pm – with an answering machine at other times.

Ph: 1800 633 353

Disposal of Community Sharps:

The safe sharps website can assist sharps users to find the most convenient location to dispose of sharps safely. The on-line facility allows users to submit their location/address and be provided with a map and list of close by single needle disposal points, sharps container disposal points and/or sellers of sharps containers. Details on how to download an iPhone app can also be found on this website.

The community sharps management program website aims to provide organisations and interested individuals, with information and resources that can help address the safe management of needles, syringes and other sharps waste, created by people with diabetes and other medical conditions requiring self-injection in the home, or by injecting drug users in the home or in public places.

Information for IDU:

You can call the NSW Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) for information, advice, support and phone based crisis counseling as well as assessment and referral to services in NSW. ADIS advisors understand the difficulties of finding appropriate drug and alcohol treatment. They can assist anyone wanting to talk about alcohol and drug related issues, including information on where to access clean equipment from NSPs, pharmacies and other health services in NSW.

Ph: 02 9361 9742 (Sydney) or 1800 422 599 – 24 hours a day

NUAA maintain an online service directory which includes contact details for NSW services for IDU, including phone numbers for NSPs.