Trans* friendly health care

Liz Ceissman, a senior case worker of the Gender Centre, spoke to Albion staff on 4th February about transgender people in the health care setting.

The Gender Centre offers a wide range of services to transgender and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends in New South Wales. Some of these services include: training & education, counselling, accommodation, case management, support groups, events and workshops.

The one hour talk was a very basic introduction for staff on what transgender means and any issues that may present to a transgender person. She gave a brief overview on how health care services or people can make their service or themselves more transgender friendly.

The basic point that Liz made to staff is regardless of your level of knowledge or experience with transgender people just “speak to the person’ not the gender. Try and keep gendered terminology to a minimum but at the end of the day being honest with a transgender person and affording them the same respect and care you would anyone else is all that matters.

The Albion Centre looks forward to working with Liz and the Gender Centre in the future to improve our service and access to the transgender and gender diverse community.