Oral health issues remain a concern for PLHIV despite a reduction in the incidence of some oral symptoms with current antiretroviral therapy.

Every health care worker can participate in the prevention of oral health problems in PLHIV.

An assessment and referral tool is available to assist you having a conversation with your clients about oral health at least annually to help PLHIV maintain a healthy mouth.

The tool also contains information on:Open your Mouth Client resource

The Albion centre Dietitians provide free face to face, phone or email consultations for clients living with HIV.

Call 9332 9600 to arrange an appointment with an Albion Dietitian.

An oral health and HIV online course is also available through Albion education. For booking and more information please click here.

A guide to maintaining a healthy mouth for people with HIV” booklet is available for your clients.

Hard copies are also available from HIV services in NSW.