Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Official name: Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Capital City: Port Moresby

Official languages: English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu

Albion International work for Papua New Guinea:

  • United Nations Child Fund (UNICEF) development of a nutrition strategy (2012 – 2014)

KEY FOCUS: Policy Development

Project manager: Albion International


In partnership with Menzies, Albion undertook a review of existing nutrition strategies, assessed in-country capacity and gained stakeholder support for the development of the National Nutrition Strategy, Action Plan and Capacity Assessment for development in 2013.

In 2013, a National Nutrition Strategy is being formulated and rolled out in collaboration with UNICEF PNG, Menzies School of Health and the Papua New Guinea National Department of Health.


  • Papua New Guinea Australia Sexual Health Improvement Program – PASHIP (2007 – 2013)

KEY FOCUS: Sexual health

Project manager: Anglican Board of Mission

Donor: AusAID

PASHIP an AusAID-funded, five year initiative (October 2007-December 2012) aimed to reduce HIV infection rates through improving access to sexual health services. The Albion Centre (Albion) partnered with two Papua New Guinean agencies, Anglicare PNG (formerly Anglicare StopAIDS) and the Anglican Health Services (AHS), with lead agency the Anglican Board of Mission-Australia in a consortium named the 4As. The objective of the project was to provide a comprehensive STI service in the designated sites delivered by well trained and qualified staff.

Key 4A achievements include:

– Purpose-built urban sexual health clinic designed, constructed and operational

– Rural clinic fully renovated and providing integrated STI service and gender-specific clinics

– Staff trained and competent in STI syndromic management and broader sexual health care

– Managers competent and confident managing sexual health service

– Access to STI services increased

– Significant increase in STI treatments provided; 50-410% increase in last 12 months (2011-2012), 4-10 times more STI treatments in last 2 years, Anglicare and AHS respectively.

– Clients and staff satisfied

– Sexual health training materials developed

For more information see PASHIP

See the PASHIP Brochure

Watch the PASHIP YouTube video

  • PNG National HIV/AIDS Support Project (July – August 2006)

KEY FOCUS: Project evaluation

Project Coordinator: Cardno ACIL PTY LTD

Donor: AusAID

Albion International was contracted to evaluate the PNG National HIV/AIDS Support Project (2000 -2006) series of Social Marketing Campaigns targeting the promotion of condom use and uptake. Areas evaluated were the Condom Dispensing Unit initiative for condom access, the distribution and uptake of condom use in the country, the anti-violence campaign against women and condom use and community groups’ acceptance.

  • Day Care Centre Training, Papua New Guinea (2005 – 2007)

KEY FOCUS: Treatment, care and support

Project Coordinator: Albion International

Donor: World Health Organization – Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)

Preparation and delivery of pilot program of the WHO Day Care Centre course, manual and teaching tools. Albion International piloted the HIV care and treatment training for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and volunteers at district/intermediate level adapted for delivery in Papua New Guinea.

  • Development of Papua New Guinea National Response Plan on Avian Flu Threat (May – June 2006)

KEY FOCUS: Infection control

Project Coordinator: Department of Health (Papua New Guinea)

Donor: World Health Organization – Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)

Albion International developed national guideline components for avian flu outbreak management for provincial PNG/Indonesian border areas.

  • WHO Integrated Management of Adult and Childhood Illnesses Training of Health Care Workers (2005)

KEY FOCUS: Training Package

Project Coordinator: Albion International and World Health Organization

Donor: World Health Organization

Albion International was engaged to provide technical assistance in the form of training in three-3 key courses:

  1. the Expert Patient Trainers (EPT) workshop;
  2. the facilitators training; and
  3. the clinical courses.
  • Hospital Infection Control for Key Hospitals

KEY FOCUS: Infection Control

Project Coordinator: Albion International

Donor: World Health Organization – Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO)

Albion International was engaged to:

  1. Assess the hospital infection control situation at central and provincial level in Papua New Guinea;
  2. Make recommendations for improving hospital infection control, adaptation of international guidelines and identify training needs, and
  3. Conduct a one-day workshop on hospital infection control in Port Moresby.
  4. For the purpose of this consultancy, a cross section of health care establishments in central and provincial Papua New Guinea (PNG) was reviewed in relation to infection control practices. In Central PNG the Port Moresby General Hospital and the Health Centre at Taurama Barracks were reviewed. In the Western area the Vanimo General Hospital on the border of West Papua was also reviewed.