Fibroscan Machine


FibroScan @ Albion


FibroScan® is now available at the Albion Centre. It is a new device that assesses the degree of "liver stiffness" by the technique of transient elastography.

The stiffer the liver, there is more likely that fibrosis or scarring exists. FibroScan® tests are becoming a standard monitoring tool for viral hepatitis such as hepatitis B/C.

The technique uses an ultrasound transducer probe, which is held against the abdomen and generates a pulse sending sound waves through the liver.  

The FibroScan® examination is non-invasive, rapid and painless. No special preparation is required but at least 2 hours of fasting before the examination is recommended.

Examination can be done in less than half an hour and the doctor will be able to explain the results to you on the same day.

Want to know what a FibroScan is actually like? Check out this video below.