Global Assignment: World Food Program Headquarters

Albion International provides technical support to the Policy Unit, WFP Headquarters to assist WFP to develop corporate guidelines, policy documents and program areas. This technical support builds on the Albion International skills and experience in HIV/tuberculosis (TB) nutrition in the Asia-Pacific region and has facilitatedthe integration of food and nutrition programs into the HIV response globally.

  • Development of a manual on nutrition and food assistance in HIV programmes for WHO and WFP

KEY FOCUS: Nutrition

Project Coordinator: Albion International

Donor: World Food Programme andWorld Health Organization

This manual compiles the latest information about the role of food and nutritional support in HIV/AIDS care and treatment programmes for country offices of the WFP. It also strives to enable WFP field staff and other providers to become more familiar with the concepts and terminology related to HIV/AIDS treatment, care and support to answer commonly asked questions about food and nutritional support, and to share some of the experiences that various WFP country offices and partners have had while implementing pilot programmes providing food support as part of care and treatment.