Ankali Clients

Ankali clients come from diverse backgrounds with different life experiences. A client must be someone living with HIV or a partner or family member of someone living with HIV.

To apply for volunteer support all potential clients are assessed by an Albion Social Worker. If they are assessed as needing support and are appropriate for volunteer support, they are matched with a volunteer.

Clients may be experiencing one or more of the following issues: social isolation, bereavement, grief and loss, mental health problems, alcohol and other drug issues, respite needs, or a time of change.


What clients say about Ankali:

I can’t speak highly enough of my Ankali. He is a lovely man, good to be with and always seems to be in an up mood which I like.

I am very fond of my volunteer. She is a good listener, non judgmental and has an important skill of not overreacting so that I feel comfortable to proceed to tell my story.

My volunteer is fantastic! We meet weekly for a coffee and a good chat. We have established a great connection which allows me to talk freely.

My volunteer is one of the nicest people I have ever met.