Our history

Established in 1985 as The Albion Street Centre and renamed in 2012 as The Albion Centre

Albion in Sydney was established in 1985 to provide services to people living with and affected by HIV in response to the emerging epidemic. At this time the only service available was HIV antibody testing and symptom management. A telephone information Hotline was also developed as was a needle and syringe exchange, one of the first in Sydney. Albion was involved with early treatments for HIV and a pharmacy was eventually established to assist in the dispensing of the increasingly complex treatments and to assist in clinical trials of new treatments.

Since its earliest days Albion has supported the education and training of health and allied workers in HIV/hepatitis and infection control through its Education program. An Infection Control Resource Centre was established in 1993 to provide expert advice to health workers, and international work was commenced in the late 1990s, initially in Thailand and then in many Asian and Pacific countries.

The support of people living with HIV has been a major concern through the Ankali project which since 1985 has provided training for volunteers to provide emotional support to clients.

Over the years Albion has diversified and expanded its roles in counselling, nutrition, research, education and international services.

As treatment and care opportunities available to people with HIV have improved and diversified to include chronic disease management, so too has the role of The Albion Centre.


World Health Organization Collaborating Centre

On March 31st 2006 the Centre was designated as a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Capacity Building and Health Care Worker Training in HIV Care, Treatment and Support.