Guiding principles and values

Each and every staff member and volunteer of The Albion Centre shares values and principles of operation that, both individually and through teamwork, drive our vision and purpose.


We are dedicated to working in partnership with each other, our clients, civil society and other stakeholders. Through consultation we endeavour to build upon our strengths to realise our vision of better health for all.


We are committed to working within an ethical framework that values diversity and human rights. Our services are underpinned by a client-centred approach that seeks to provide accessible services to those at risk and in need, and ensures inclusiveness, equity and acceptance.


We aspire to create and develop new ideas that will enable the delivery of enhanced services to constantly improve our efficiency and effectiveness. We embrace and encourage creativity in order to meet our best possible potential.


We take responsibility for providing services with the utmost respect, care, compassion, and generosity. We hold core principles of confidentiality, honesty and trust within a non-judgemental approach.


We are leaders in our field, committed to excellence and the highest professional standards. Our services are based on a foundation of evidence-informed practice, diligence and dedication.

These values are encompassed by and reflect those espoused by the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District – Teamwork, Honesty, Respect, Excellence, Equity, Caring, Commitment and Courage.